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Going Into These 8 Caves In Idaho Is Like Entering Another World

The same incredible geologic processes that formed Idaho’s awe-inspiring mountains and carved our breathtaking rivers also formed yet another Idaho wonder: caves of every size, shape, and color — some impossibly located, others utilized by Native Americans as shelters long ago.

There are 3 basic types of caves in the Gem State: corrosion, solution, and lava, all of which make phenomenal exploring grounds for the daring and non-claustrophobic. Some of these caves may take some extra hiking to get to, but if adventuring¬†in underground tunnels or historic hideaways is your thing, Idaho is definitely the place to be. So grab a flashlight, don a jacket (it’ll be chilly in there!), and check out these 8 Idaho caverns:

It’s safe to say that Idaho’s underground network is an adventurer’s paradise, but there are dozens more caverns that we haven’t listed and/or need photos of. If you’ve ever explored an underground paradise or lava tube in Idaho, please share your stories and pictures below!

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