Everyone In Idaho Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

So far, we’ve shown you two different road trips featuring Idaho waterfalls across the lower third of the state. And while we have more to come, with waterfall season quickly approaching, there’s one stunning waterfall we neglected to mention that is deserving of its own spotlight before we check out what the rest of the state has to offer.

Star Falls, or Caldron (Cauldron) Linn as it is typically called, is a hidden gem of a waterfall that sits on the Snake River near Murtaugh, just outside the Twin Falls metro area. The French-inspired name refers to the stunning and frothy, agitated watershed at the base of the falls which resembles a bubbling cauldron during peak runoff. While often overshadowed by its taller and more predominant Magic Valley counterparts, Caldron Linn definitely makes for a phenomenal day trip or scenic Sunday afternoon getaway, so check it out!

But all the photos in the land of the Internet couldn’t do this scenic location justice, so enjoy this stunning drone footage!


Simply phenomenal, but just a taste of the real deal. A huge thank you to Vortex Drones for an awesome job capturing this Idaho wonder! Check out the video (and definitely watch in HD!)

When visiting Caldron Linn, be sure to keep your children and/or pets secure; currently, the falls aren’t developed and there is no safety rail or concrete walkway along the falls. Enjoy the view, keep it pristine, and be sure to share your awesome photos with us!

Driving Directions: From I-84, take exit 188 and travel south on Valley Road. Make a left onto 1000 East, and one mile later turn right onto 1900 South (also known as Murtaugh Road) until you get to 4575 East. From there, simply follow the signs.