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10 Slow-Paced Small Towns in Idaho Where Life Is Still Simple

Maybe you’re looking to take a lovely, scenic Sunday drive through small-town Idaho just because. Maybe you’re planning to relocate or retire somewhere that has that special, relaxing je nai sais quoi that is perfect for conversing your way through Idaho’s hot summer nights into the cool of evening. Maybe lawn chairs, porch swings, cool grass, and starry nights are your thing. If so, these quaint Idaho towns are perfect for a visit… or an extended staycation.

Whether trying to get away from it all or settle down, Idaho’s quiet small towns are definitely the most neighborly, relaxed places to be. For more beautiful communities, check out our list of Idaho’s 10 Most Charming Small Towns.

Super-rad musician, scholar, and Idaho native who has loves basking in Idaho sunsets and indulging in spontaneous nature walks across the state.