Uh Oh… Here Are The 11 Drunkest Counties In Idaho

Do Idahoans drink a lot? According to alcoholism studies from the most recent census, as well as analyses compiled by the Washington Post (among others), the United States is home to 13% more bars nationwide than grocery stores. Depending on your perspective, that may not mean much — one local grocery store can service hundreds and thousands of residents, while a bar cannot. The number of bars in an area also doesn’t necessarily equate to drinking levels… but it might make you wonder where your hometown ranks.

As a state, Idaho falls in the middle of the nation in terms of liquor and beer consumption, but close to the top for wine. But which Idaho cities drink the most alcohol? With our curiosity peaked, we set on a mission to find out.

Rather than by city, we looked at County Health Rankings & Roadmaps to determine the top ten counties in Idaho where 19% or more residents self-reported (on the honor system, mind you!) participating in either binge drinking or heavy drinking. To break the ties, we also looked at Find The Home to see which of these counties have the highest bars per capita (number of bars per 10,000 residents). Check it out:

While a number of factors influence these stats, to summarize: Custer County — although it falls to the middle of the list — has more than one bar for every 1,000 people (whoa!), and Lewis County clearly believes it has a drinking problem.

What do you think? Check out the rest of the results for yourself to see where your county falls!