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The World’s Best Pancakes Can Be Found Right Here In Hawaii

When you think of food in Hawaii, a few iconic dishes come to mind – including saimin, loco moco, malasadas, spam musubi, and, of course, poke. What doesn’t come to mind? Pancakes. But believe it or not, the Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the world’s best pancakes. Just ask the Japanese tourists who flock to the islands to enjoy our mouthwatering pancakes – and perhaps the breathtaking scenery. From melt-in-your-mouth macadamia nut pancakes and guava-infused pancakes to traditional pancakes filled with bananas or slathered in coconut syrup, these 13 restaurants serve the best pancakes in Hawaii.

Who knew Hawaii had such mouth-watering pancakes? There’s no denying the fact the Hawaiian Islands are also home to the world’s best poke, loco moco, and acai bowls.

Megan Shute
Megan is a freelance journalist residing near Honolulu, Hawaii. She is obsessed with hiking, beach trips, locally-grown coffee, and finding the best acai bowl on Oahu.