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14​ ​Under-Appreciated​ ​State​ ​Parks​ ​In​ ​Hawaii​ ​You’re​ ​Sure​ ​To​ ​Love

From cascading waterfalls and the inviting turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean to lush rainforests and mountain peaks, breathtaking natural beauty abounds on the Hawaiian Islands. And nowhere will you find more incredible scenery than within Hawaii’s state and national parks. With more than 50 state parks, waysides, recreation areas, monuments, and historic sites, there are countless Hawaiian state parks to choose from, some more popular than others. From Hawaii Island to Kauai, these 14 state parks all have one thing in common: they are severely underrated.

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Megan Shute
Megan is a freelance journalist residing near Honolulu, Hawaii. She is obsessed with hiking, beach trips, locally-grown coffee, and finding the best acai bowl on Oahu.