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The One Breathtaking Place In Hawaii Where It Actually Snows

When visiting the Hawaiian Islands, most people don’t expect to see snow. After all, many people travel to the beautiful Aloha State in an attempt to escape cold weather and snow. But, atop Mauna Kea – Hawaii’s tallest mountain peak and one of the most fascinating mountains in the Pacific – you shouldn’t be surprised to see snow, depending on the season, of course.

For up to date weather conditions on the summit, check out Mauna Kea’s live streaming weather cams here. Have you visited the summit of Mauna Kea while it was covered in snow? Be sure to read about the “11 Things You May Not Know About Hawaii’s Mauna Kea” while you’re here.

Megan Shute
Megan is a freelance journalist residing near Honolulu, Hawaii. She is obsessed with hiking, beach trips, locally-grown coffee, and finding the best acai bowl on Oahu.