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Shhh… These 15 Hidden Places Are Hawaii’s Best Kept Secrets

Though the Hawaiian Islands may be small in terms of landmass, there are countless incredible hidden gems to be found across the beautiful islands we call home. From cascading waterfalls, pristine beaches, and stunning lookout points to charming towns, enchanting man-made structures, and mouthwatering eateries, we’ve written about some magnificent hidden gems across the Aloha State over the last two years – and these 15 places are easily some of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets.

What hidden gems would you like us to write about next? For the ultimate summer spent on the coast, be sure to add these 15 secret spots along Hawaii’s coast to your bucket list.

Megan Shute
Megan is a freelance journalist residing near Honolulu, Hawaii. She is obsessed with hiking, beach trips, locally-grown coffee, and finding the best acai bowl on Oahu.