The Haunted Hike In Hawaii Will Send You Running For The Hills

As a state full of fascinating history – including wars, royalty, and mythology – there are countless ghosts who have taken up residence among the 1.4 million residents that call the Hawaiian Islands home. Unlike visiting any of Hawaii’s haunted hotels or roadways, where you are protected by hotel security or your automobile, the haunted hikes you will find across the islands offer little peace of mind – especially at night. Imagine walking along a trail and hearing footsteps or a spooky scream in the distance – how are you to know if it is a fellow hiker enjoying the trail or a paranormal creature?

While you will find haunted trails across the islands – and especially on Oahu – there is perhaps no hike more sinister and spooky than Oahu’s abandoned Old Pali Road, where ghost stories often outnumber hikers found on the trail at any given time.

While I can’t say that I’ve encountered any ghosts on the Old Pali Road, I will say that walking on an old, abandoned road – that could easily be the filming location of the next great horror movie – is an eerie experience. If you’re looking for more spooky experiences on Oahu this October, be sure to check out Hawaii’s Haunted Plantation, as well as this haunted Oahu road trip.