There’s A Little Known Unique Hiking Trail In Georgia… And It’s Truly Frightening

Everyone loves a good hike through the beautiful state of Georgia, right? Stretching your legs, breathing in the fresh air, admiring all the doll heads peppered throughout the path….oh wait, that last one isn’t part of the Georgia-hiking-norm. However, at this unique trail in Georgia, you’ll find nothing but nature and extremely creepy doll parts. It’s called Doll’s Head Trail (what else would it be called?!) and it’s located in Constitution Lakes Park outside of Downtown Atlanta.

Constitution Lakes formed after the South River Brick Company stopped digging up the famous Georgia clay they were using to fire their bricks. Nature soon overtook the land, and the brickwork’s clay pits filled with rain creating a system of man-made ponds.

In 2003, DeKalb County purchased the property and began constructing paved hiking trails and boardwalks around the ponds. The land eventually turned into a 125-acre nature preserve.

Doll’s Head Trail though, was not something DeKalb County created, but instead was the work of local carpenter named Joel Slaton. It started with his vision of an art project created from discarded doll parts and other trash that was littered around the site.

Upon first visiting the trail, it seems like a regular hiking path, right?

That is until you stumble upon the random doll parts…

Eventually, Slaton encouraged other visitors to contribute their own found art as well. Since then, the parts and pieces have been rolling in. Although primarily doll heads, the trail also includes bottle creations, random collages, truck part tableaus and decorated bricks.

Although extremely frightening to say the least, what’s unique about this trail is that every part donated must be found inside of the park. You can’t simply buy a doll from the local toy store, pop the head off, and submit it to the trail. It’s a form of repurposing the trash that litters the park into something strangely special.

Although I’m not sure if I can hike this trail at night (nightmares will commence), I can certainly appreciate the fact that because of this particularly frightening trail trash isn’t being left on the ground, but is instead being turned into something special. (Special, and at times, quite beautiful…)

Have you ever been to Doll’s Head Trail? Tell us about your experience!