This Dreamy Train-Themed Trip Through Georgia Will Take You On The Journey Of A Lifetime

One of the coolest things about Georgia is that it is packed with tons of unique and wonderful railroad history. There have been towns and cities in Georgia that were built and inhabited strictly to accommodate the new railroad systems. While the days of the railroad may be long gone, there are still tons of slices of memorabilia and train-themed attractions that will make you and your family feel like you’ve slipped back in time.

The entire trip includes more than 8 hours of driving time and features a slew of awesome, one-of-a-kind train-themed attractions, creating the most memorable weekend trip for the family. Find the entire itinerary here.

How about that for an epic train journey through Georgia? If you end up taking the entire trip, be sure to tag us in your photos! Otherwise, if you’re interested in learning more about Sandfly BBQ Restaurant, then take a look at The Train-Themed Restaurant In Georgia That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again.