This Spooky Small Town In Georgia Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means many people ditch the traditional trick or treating and go for more of a bone-chilling adventure. For example, our Haunted Road Trip in Georgia is a perfect way to spend your Halloween holiday. But if you can’t take off for a few days, then we may just have another option for you—a trip through the spookiest small town in the state, Talbotton, Georgia. Now, you’re not going to enter Talbotton and see werewolves traipsing the sidewalks, bats hanging from trees, and ghosts frequenting the town square. But there is quite a story that goes with why Talbotton is the spookiest state in Georgia, and it may just give you goosebumps.

Talbotton is a one-of-a kind small town in Georgia—but visitor beware.. If you want to take a drive through Talbotton, Georgia, you can find it here:

Talbotton, Georgia 31827

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