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10 Most Eccentric, Off-The-Beaten Path Places To Explore In Georgia

It is always fun to come across a quirky, eccentric place in your state and just marvel at the fact that you had no idea it existed in the first place. Or those off-the-beaten-path roadside attractions which you’ve always heard about but never really sought out, on a mission, to find and explore. The truth is, Georgia has a ton of odd, bizarre places across the state just waiting to be adventured through—and these are just a few of them.

Pretty strange stuff, huh? Any other places you’d like to share that are a bit odd, or eccentric? Let us know! Otherwise, if strange stuff in Georgia is what you’re after, then you’ll love Most People Don’t Know Georgia Has A Fairy Garden… And It’s Positively Magical.

Marisa Roman
Marisa Roman is an avid reader, writer, and collector of experiences. She travels the country full time in an RV and writes about her adventures.