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Here’s The Most Iconic Restaurant In Georgia And Why It Totally Rules

If you have been with us for a majority of our articles, then you’ve already heard about a few of the restaurants that we love and highly recommend, like The Secluded Restaurant In Georgia With The Most Magical Surrounding, for example. But there is a particular restaurant in Georgia that is worthy of being recognized as one of the most iconic in the state. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps you haven’t, but one thing is for sure–you’re about to have a mouthwatering experience like you’ve never imagined. Here is why H&H Soul Food in Macon rules.

Interested in trying some tasty soul food? Then use the address below:

807 Forsyth St, Macon, GA 31201

Have you been to H&H Soul Food? Share with us your experience!

Marisa Roman
Marisa Roman is an avid reader, writer, and collector of experiences. She travels the country full time in an RV and writes about her adventures.