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12 Little Known Inns In Georgia That Offer An Unforgettable Overnight Stay

Every so often, it’s great to take a mini-vacation and leave all your worries behind. Maybe you can’t get away for an entire week, or maybe not even a whole weekend, but one unforgettable overnight stay may be just the ticket. Peppered throughout our lovely state are a few glorious, little known inns that will give you a night to remember. From the more rustic, charming spots to a few large and old fashioned, here are a few of the best inns we’ve found in our state:

Do you have any favorite inns that you use as your own personal getaway? Share with us (if you want to let us in on the secret) in the comments!

Marisa Roman
Marisa Roman is an avid reader, writer, and collector of experiences. She travels the country full time in an RV and writes about her adventures.