The French Fry Culinary Tour Through Georgia That Is A Dream Come True

French Fries are considered one of the most popular foods in North America. These salty, soft, crispy potato sticks are oftentimes just what you need to make your day complete. But what is so interesting, is the fact that there are a variety of french fries in the state of Georgia, not just your regular old plain fries. The french fry scene in Georgia is so diverse, so wonderfully delicious, that we decided to create an entire culinary tour around it.

So attention all fry connoisseurs! This whole culinary trek takes about 7.5 hours to complete, and you can find the entire french fry road trip here. Turn this culinary adventure into a weekend journey that will satiate your tastebuds. And here we are without further adieu…

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take off like, ne-ow. Anyone else have any french fry recommendations in Georgia? Shoot ’em our way! Otherwise, if you’re looking into more of the Georgia culinary scene then take a look at This 49-Mile Stretch Of Road In Georgia Has The Best Food In The Entire State.