The Historic Small Town In Georgia That’s Facing Big Changes Next Year

One of the most unique towns in the entire country, Savannah is a must-visit to millions of tourists each year. The small southern town is primarily noted for its historic roots, breathtaking architecture, and fantastic artistic scene. Savannah was considered ahead of its time when it became the first planned city in the 18th century, and that identity is about to be re-established. A new city plan is in the works for the original Georgia capital, and without forgetting its historic roots, the design will illuminate a bright future for Savannah. Here’s more on what you can expect to change in this fascinating town.

Construction for Savannah Downtown Streetscape Initiative will begin in 2018. If you’re curious about scheduling and further details about the implementation of this plan, be sure to visit Savannah’s Official Government site here. What are your thoughts on the redesign of Savannah? Be sure to share with us!