These 10 Restaurants Serve The Best Wings In Georgia

With the Super Bowl upon us, we’re gearing up to celebrate the right way—and for most of us that means delicious game day snacks. That’s right, folks. Some people bite the bullet and do their due-diligence grilling outside despite the drop in temperature, while others order delivery and stay warm for the game. We’re leaning a bit toward the “staying warm” side of the field, and decided to come up with a comprehensive list of the best wings in Georgia.

What makes a great wing? It could be juicy, tender meat held tightly by a crispy, crunchy skin. It could be a tangy, sweet sauce doused all over. Or perhaps it’s the bite of the hot sauce, cooled down by the bleu cheese dunk. Everyone has different reasons for why a wing is absolute perfection.

So whether you’re attempting to duplicate their recipe for the big game, or looking to snag take-out for before your friends come over, here’s the list that will have you salaciously salivating for hot wings:

There really are so many amazing wing spots in Georgia it’s hard to pick just one. We’ve tried our best, but I’m sure we’ve missed a few. Share in the comments below your go-to spot for wings! We may just have to try it for the big game.