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This Incredible Kite Festival In Florida Is A Must-See

Is there any better way to have some innocent, good old-fashioned fun than to go fly a kite? If you haven’t tried it in awhile, we highly recommend it. It’s inexpensive, and you can fly solo or bring a friend. Or in the case of this Florida kite festival, lots of friends. Once you see how incredible these kites are, you won’t want to miss it.

Check out some of the awesome kites that have been flown in past competitions. Unless you’re already a kite enthusiast, you’ve probably never seen anything like them!

Dates for 2018 have not yet been announced, but the festival usually takes place in mid-January. Have you ever attended the Treasure Island Kite Festival or any other kite festivals in Florida? What’s your favorite place in Florida to fly a kite?

Victoria W
Victoria is a native Floridian and writer for OIYS. When she's not writing about Florida, you'll find her chasing after her two-year-old or making jewelry for her shop, The Gilded Gator.