This Spooky Small Town In Florida Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

Kerr City is a ghost town on Lake Kerr in what is now the Ocala National Forest. Back when it was founded in 1884, it was only the second town in Marion County. These photos may not look all that scary, but imagine it at night, with the wind rattling the antique windows and the 130-year-old floorboards creaking under your feet.

The town grew and reached a population of 100 residents. Eventually, Kerr City would have its own post office, general store, school/church, sawmill, and an impressive three-story hotel. The town was the perfect place to stop for folks traveling from the St. John’s River to Ocala. Though it was a cotton plantation originally, the town truly flourished growing oranges — until the freezes of 1894 and 1895 left the town deserted.

The beautiful hotel, the Lake Kerr House, burned down in 1907, but there are still several buildings in the Kerr City Historic District. The ghost town’s present caretaker is the town’s only resident. He is descended from some of the original townspeople and at one time rented out some of the historic structures. Today, however, the area is closed to the public.

Whether you find it creepy or just a fascinating piece of history, check out some photos of a real Florida ghost town:

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