11 Bizarre Roadside Attractions In Delaware That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Delaware is kind of a funny state – there are 14 miles of major highway that cut through New Castle County, and that’s most of what travelers through the First State will ever see. From there, it seems like there’s not all that much to see in Delaware – there’s a sign for the beaches, sure, and something pointing off towards a thoroughbred racetrack, but by the time you think “Oh, that looks neat!” you’re practically in Maryland.

For other travelers, those who take the back roads or head down to visit the Delaware beaches, or maybe Delawareans from other counties just setting out to explore, Delaware is full of roadside wonders. Giant sculptures are just one part of it – check out these 11 great roadside attractions in Delaware and you’ll know where the best place to plan a rest will be!

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