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11 Stereotypes About Delaware That Need To Be Put To Rest – Right Now

Delaware is a charming state that gets a bad reputation – based on myths about Delaware that are absolutely not true! Out of staters believe that we’re boring, bland, and only full of traffic. Luckily, Delawareans know better! How many of these have you had to refute?

Delaware’s not boring at all – and these myths about our lovely state just serve to remind us what everyone else is missing out on! If you still need to convince others that this state is worth visiting, maybe you should explain to them these 9 Things That We Wish We Could Tell Newcomers.

Kim Magaraci
Kim Magaraci is a freelance writer in the tri-state area who spends all of her time running around in circles so that her dog Wilco can have a better life. She loves all things Delaware and Philly... except scrapple. Contact: