12 Things You Quickly Learn When You Move To Delaware

If you plan on moving to Delaware, there are a few things you’ll find out quickly! Life in the First State isn’t all that different – if you’re coming from New Jersey, you’ll miss the pizza. If you’re coming from Maryland, you’ll miss – no, wait, we’ve got great crabcakes, too. You’ll probably miss mountains. If you’re coming from California, you’ll definitely NOT miss the traffic, because Delaware’s traffic isn’t really all that bad. Really, though, Delaware has a lot of great things going for it! We’re friendly, beachgoing people who love agriculture and regular culture, and we know how to have a great time. Check out some things you really ought to know about your new home!

And if you’re really new to the first state, here are a few bucket lists and road trips to help you get familiar with your new home. You shouldn’t pass up our Ultimate Burger Bucket List, or our list of the most amazing trails to hike in Delaware, and our list of unbelievable restaurants that definte Delaware. You’re going to love it here!