14 Things People Miss The Most About Delaware When They Leave

People from out of state don’t realize how hard it is to leave our tiny state, or how many things there are to miss about Delaware. We all know that Delaware will always be home – even if we have to leave for a period of time. Many Delawareans are getting ready to leave the state for their first semester of college, or they’re getting ready to move for family or career reasons. Whenever you find yourself having to part with our great state, you’ll realize exactly how much you love about Delaware, and you’ll find yourself thinking about the following things that everybody ends up missing about Delaware.

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve walked down the boardwalk with a bucket of Thrashers, and I haven’t wandered around Hagley much at all this year. Maybe I should take advantage of all of these great things before I regret it, if I ever have to leave Delaware. What would you miss about Delaware, if you had to spend some time away?

If these 14 things didn’t convince you, here’s a great article showing 11 photos of Delaware that are so amazing you won’t believe they’re real!