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Huge Things Actually Happened In These 9 Small Towns In Delaware

Our tiny state is big on history, for sure. Dover native Ceasar Rodney famously fought for our independence in 1776, Delawareans helped revise the Articles of Confederation and establish our current Constitution, Kent and New Castle counties were important stops on the Underground Railroad, and, well, there’s so much more! And because we’ve been a rural state for just about all of our time in the Union (and before it was even established), these tiny towns in Delaware have had huge historical impacts. Read up on some local Delaware history below.

There’s so much to love about Delaware’s small towns – like the incredible restaurants they’re hiding, too.

Kim Magaraci
Kim Magaraci is a freelance writer in the tri-state area who spends all of her time running around in circles so that her dog Wilco can have a better life. She loves all things Delaware and Philly... except scrapple. Contact: