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You’ll Find One-Of-A-Kind Holiday Gifts At These 9 Local Shops In Delaware

For many, the beginning of November marks the start of holiday shopping in Delaware. While we know that Delaware is the best shopping state because of our lack of sales tax, what many don’t realize is the sheer number of unique boutiques in Delaware, from antique shops to artisan galleries. If you’re looking to surprise your family with truly one-of-a-kind holiday gifts this year, visit these 9 local shops in Delaware to get your holiday shopping done.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping! While you’re out and about, try some amazing local restaurants hiding in your own backyard.

Kim Magaraci
Kim Magaraci is a freelance writer in the tri-state area who spends all of her time running around in circles so that her dog Wilco can have a better life. She loves all things Delaware and Philly... except scrapple. Contact: