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10 Reasons Why Small Town Delaware Is The Best Place To Grow Up

Chances are if you grew up in a small town in Delaware, you couldn’t WAIT to escape to something bigger and better. But looking back now, those small town experiences made you who you are today. Some of the things you hated then are some of your favorite reasons why you now know that growing up in small town Delaware was the best.

Our guess is that the reasons we loved growing up in small town Delaware ring true for most other small towns in the U.S.  This blogger couldn’t wait to leave, but I sure am glad I stayed!

Katy is a life-long Delaware resident who grew up on a small grain farm and spent her summers enjoying time at the beach. A full time public relations professional by day and a content specialist with OIYS at night, Katy loves sharing her love of her home state with fellow Delawareans and others. Loves: local food, dachshunds, horseshoe crabs, hiking, farmers markets, bourbon.