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The Ultimate And Definitive Bucket List For Everyone In Delaware

Contrary to outsiders’ belief, there are SO many things to do in Delaware! We’ve narrowed it down to 18 must-see, must-hike and must-eat locations to create the Ultimate Delaware Bucket List to conquer while you’re living in the First State. How many of these things have you done? How many do you still have to check off?

Wow…now I’m hungry and feeling adventurous! Going to knock some of these off of my list while the weather’s still pretty nice, and I’ll probably make it a point to tackle our Delaware Burger Bucket List, too. How about you?

Kim Magaraci
Kim Magaraci is a freelance writer in the tri-state area who spends all of her time running around in circles so that her dog Wilco can have a better life. She loves all things Delaware and Philly... except scrapple. Contact: