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The 6 Most Dangerous Towns in Delaware To Live In

With the good comes the bad, and Delaware is no different. We see our share of crime, and unfortunately have a city with the nickname “Murder Town USA.”

Listed in no particular order, these are the Delaware towns and cities that have the highest crime rates based on data compiled by Neighborhood Scout who uses stats from the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department to determine crime rates in cities across the entire United States.

Do any of these surprise you? Where do you think the safest places in Delaware are to live?

Katy is a life-long Delaware resident who grew up on a small grain farm and spent her summers enjoying time at the beach. A full time public relations professional by day and a content specialist with OIYS at night, Katy loves sharing her love of her home state with fellow Delawareans and others. Loves: local food, dachshunds, horseshoe crabs, hiking, farmers markets, bourbon.