This Beach Has The Clearest, Most Pristine Water In Delaware

Delaware is famous for its beaches, which draw tourists and locals alike due to their safety and cleanliness, amenities, and great vacation atmosphere. But, did you know that Delaware’s beaches are recognized nationally, too? For several years now, the National Resource Defense Council has named Delaware’s beaches as the Best Beaches in the United States when it comes to clean water and clean beaches. Wow – that’s quite an honor!

One beach in particular has drawn praise and top ratings for years now as the cleanest beach in Delaware, and that’s Rehoboth Beach. It should be no surprise to hear that if you’ve visited Delaware’s most popular beach, though. Take a look at what makes Rehoboth Beach the cleanest beach in Delaware, and why you should plan a beach day now, before the cold weather comes and steals summer from us all.

If you’re looking for more beaches in Delaware to explore, you can be assured that the water open for swimming clean and well maintained, thanks to the great beach replenishment projects that the state works on year-round. We’ve written quite a bit about the top Delaware beaches, so even if Rehoboth isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll certainly find your own slice of paradise in Delaware.