This Mac And Cheese Themed Restaurant In Delaware Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Sometimes, you need to indulge in your favorite comfort food, and for many, macaroni and cheese is high on their list. Fortunately, if you’re looking for the best mac and cheese in Delaware, chances are you’re pretty close to a great spot to treat yourself. If you’re down in Slower Lower, head over to Grandpa Mac’s in Rehoboth Beach, where the mac and cheese buffet will make you cry tears of joy. If you’re upstate, you’ve got another great choice at Mad Mac’s, a macaroni-and-cheese themed restaurant that might just serve the best mac and cheese in Delaware!

My mouth is watering just thinking of all of the mac and cheese I could enjoy here. While you’re in Newark, you should take a short detour and check out The Underrated State Park That Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Delaware, because the only thing better than indulging in lots of mac and cheese is going for a short hike afterwards… to feel a little less guilty!