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These 17 Unique Coffee Shops In Delaware Are Perfect To Wake You Up

Most mornings Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Royal Farms, or Starbucks will do for Delawareans’ morning jolt of java. But certain towns like Newark, Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach are busting at the seams with slightly different spots to snag a latte or cappuccino. Through personal recommendations, Yelp, online reviews and our very own caffeine obsession, we found these 17 unique coffee shops (numbered from north to south-ish) that offer a great cup of joe or a fancy, schmancy caffeinated drink.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop for your caffeine fix?

Katy is a life-long Delaware resident who grew up on a small grain farm and spent her summers enjoying time at the beach. A full time public relations professional by day and a content specialist with OIYS at night, Katy loves sharing her love of her home state with fellow Delawareans and others. Loves: local food, dachshunds, horseshoe crabs, hiking, farmers markets, bourbon.