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This Hike In Connecticut Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

Have you had a chance to hike Talcott Mountain State Park? If you have, then you know what an amazing experience it is. If you haven’t, then you’re probably wondering what makes this hike so special. With so many state parks in Connecticut, you have to have something truly unique to get visitors to hike your trail over all the others. Talcott Mountain State Park definitely has something you’ll want to see.

This drone footage of the tower will get your heart fluttering! The views are like something out of a dream:

Don’t you think the hike to this place would be totally worth it?

Taylor Ellis
Taylor loves restaurants by the water and a good slice of pizza. She believes that every day is a new opportunity for success. And for catching up on Netflix. You can follow her on Twitter @taylorjellis1