This Phenomenal Connecticut Cave Will Have You Wishing You Lived Underground

Tory’s Cave is not the kind of place you go alone, and should definitely be traversed with a partner or two and a flashlight in hand. It’s a narrow trek that lands you nearly fifty feet underground. The fact that you have to climb down in to the cave makes some people uneasy, but Peter Hollister, who provided the photos for this piece, was brave enough to make the climb. Check out what he discovered!

Please note that the cave is closed from October 1st to April 1st! This is the bat hibernation period, and under no circumstances is the cave to be entered during this time. The bat population in Connecticut is endangered and must not be disturbed during this period. In the mean time, check out these awesome photos!

So where does one go to explore when this cave is closed? We’ve got you covered! Leave Tory’s Cave for another day and venture over to this Hidden Railroad Tunnel instead! Don’t forget to share photos of your adventure with us on Instagram @onlyinconnecticut to have them featured.