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These 12 Breathtaking Views In Connecticut Could Be Straight Out Of The Movies

I can’t say enough about the views in Connecticut. Oceans, rivers, forest, plains and everything in between shape this beautiful state and make for unforgettable sights of natural beauty. But these photographs are especially stunning. Unlike in the movies, these photos are unplanned, unaltered, and unpredictably breathtaking. The reason this state has graced the big screen so many times is because its looks just can’t be duplicated. See for yourself!

This video will have you drooling and smiling at the same time as it captures the beauty of Connecticut in a theatrically dramatic fashion.

If there’s one thing people miss when they’re away, it’s the stunning landscapes! Don’t you agree that the views are superb?

Taylor Ellis
Taylor loves restaurants by the water and a good slice of pizza. She believes that every day is a new opportunity for success. And for catching up on Netflix. You can follow her on Twitter @taylorjellis1