There’s Something Magical About These 7 Lakes In The Summer

So I already told you about the 11 Gorgeous Lakes In Connecticut That You Must Check Out, and you should definitely keep those on the list! But consider adding a few more, which is probably no big deal for all you lake junkies out there. Personally, I love swimming in a lake, going fishing, and enjoying the quiet serenity of the surrounding woods. Beaches are fun, but they come with big crowds and usually require a boat if you want to do anything relaxing. But not lakes! The ones on this list don’t catch as much hype, but visiting them in the summer shows them at their best and reveals what a great time you can have at these waterfront locales. So check them out!

Water and quiet and views, oh my! This is certainly still Connecticut, although you will feel transported when you visit these amazing lakes. Know a lake we haven’t featured that’s totally cool? Tell us about it!