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This Underrated Beach Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Connecticut

Harvey’s Beach in Old Saybrook doesn’t get as much hype as some other beaches, but it most definitely should! This place is absolutely stunning, which is no surprise considering it’s located in one of the most stunning towns in Connecticut. So without further ado, here is the number one contender for the pretty award, from day to night!

Experience paradise first hand and feel transported to the sandy shores of Old Saybrook for a full minute. This short film is just what you need to conquer that stir crazy feeling.

Have you ever had the opportunity to spend the day at Harvey’s Beach? Tell us about it! And tell us about the place you think is the most beautiful!

Taylor Ellis
Taylor loves restaurants by the water and a good slice of pizza. She believes that every day is a new opportunity for success. And for catching up on Netflix. You can follow her on Twitter @taylorjellis1