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You’ll Never Forget Your Visit To The Most Haunted Restaurant In Connecticut

In Connecticut, historical buildings have a tendency to come with a ghost story or two. So it’s not surprising that one of the most historic restaurants in the state would have a rumor of paranormal activity attached to it. Formerly known as the Pettibone Tavern, the wonderful Abigail’s Grill & Wine Bar is said to be home to ghosts. Well, one ghost anyway. Mrs. Abigail Pettibone, the original owner, still resides here.

Abigail’s Grill & Wine Bar Is located at 4 Hartford Road, Weatogue, Connecticut 06089. This fun and friendly haunting is nothing compared to the infamous Dudleytown. Check it out if you dare!

Taylor Ellis
Taylor Ellis grew up in southern Connecticut. She is a social boss who has worked with several major sites and brands. Follow her at