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Everyone In Colorado Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

Colorado is home to several stunning waterfalls: Seven Falls… Bridal Veil Falls… the waterfall at Casa Bonita… the list goes on and on! Quite possibly the most beautiful of them all, however, are the waterfalls over stunning Hanging Lake.

What makes this waterfall particularly spectacular? The rare turquoise color of the water is caused by travertine deposition that was originally created by dissolved limestone from the Mississippian Period Leadville Formation.

Not only are the Lake and waterfalls stunning, but the hike itself is out-of-this-world. In fact, according to Visit Glenwood Springs, the hike to Hanging Lake is one of the most popular in the entire state—which is really saying something. Visit Glenwood also provides thorough directions to this natural wonder, a list of things to pack, and what to expect on your adventure.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting this geologic wonder? Share your memories (and pictures) in the comments!

Annie is a freelance writer, content editor, and marketing whiz with a background in broadcasting and a passion for chicken nachos. When she isn't gushing about her love of Colorado, you can find her chasing after her two adorable sons and/or dreaming up a new home improvement project for her husband.