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Texans Try To Pronounce Denver Words And The Result Is Hilarious

I know that we here at Only in Denver complain about Texans (and Californians… and any other transplants who come here and then complain about how it isn’t like home) a lot, but for this one instance, we just cannot get enough of our neighbors to the south! You see, Colorado is home to some town names and terms that may be a bit hard to pronounce if you are not from around here, resulting in a hilarious video like this (via Kool 107.9):

Admit it: Do you have any trouble pronouncing any of these Colorado words? For even more Denver fun, check out these 15 Undeniable Things That Only Happen In Denver.

Annie is a freelance writer, content editor, and marketing whiz with a background in broadcasting and a passion for chicken nachos. When she isn't gushing about her love of Colorado, you can find her chasing after her two adorable sons and/or dreaming up a new home improvement project for her husband.