This Abandoned “Silent Titan” Is Hiding Underground In Colorado

Out where the wind blows free and the plains roll over gentle hills, a silent giant now rests quietly beneath our feet. All but forgotten now, this once important strategic piece of American history now holds only the purest darkness, spine-tingling silence, and breathtaking sights.

Many have become flooded by nature, some are now owned and used by private owners, and one has become a museum. If you’re lucky enough to come across one of these abandoned giants, you’ll leave behind the world you knew once you step inside. There is no light. There is no sound. You’re mind will struggle to comprehend and appreciate the enormity and wonder that is a Titan base. You will leave a changed person.

You can find further information and the history of these cool abandoned locations at the Titan Missiles Museum.
Note: For your own safety and the respect for property owners who post warnings, do not enter underground areas on private land without permission. Trespassing is illegal, and the tickets and fines for ignoring these laws are expensive.