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Here Are The 20 Most Popular Baby Names In Colorado

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are A LOT of babies named Emma, Avery and Jackson around Colorado? **Random Side Note: I had NO idea how popular the name “Jackson” was until after we had our son and named him…I thought we had a cool, original thing going!** What if I told you that hearing the same names over and over may not just be a coincidence? To elaborate, here are 2014’s most popular baby names in the state of Colorado (via Social Security Online.)

Boy Names // Number of 2014 Babies with Name
1.) Liam (305)
2.) Alexander (289)
3.) Noah (288)
4.) William (285)
5.) Logan (283)
6.) Benjamin (252)
7.) Elijah (249)
8.) Ethan (240)
9.) James (238)
10.) Jackson (232)


Girl Names // Number of 2014 Babies with Name
1.) Olivia (341)
2.) Emma (330)
3.) Sophia (273)
4.) Isabella (246)
5.) Evelyn (204)
6.) Avery (199)
7.) Mia (198)
8.) Charlotte (196)
9.) Ava (193)
10.) Emily (186)

Do you have a 2014 baby with one of these popular names? Did any of the names mentioned (or not mentioned) surprise you?

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