There’s No Restaurant In The World Like This One In Colorado

When I first began thinking of unique Colorado restaurants for this article, my mind automatically went to that dark place that few of us like to think of… “Do I dare speak of Casa Bonita and its unique ambiance but inedible food?” Fortunately, today’s article doesn’t have to turn that dark corner as the Centennial State is home to a number of different one-of-a-kind restaurants, including this one that is unlike any other in the world:

Located in the stunning mountain town of Telluride is the beautiful Alpino Vino, which serves mouthwatering Italian dishes in a cozy and romantic atmosphere. What about this charming restaurant makes it stand out from all the others? Aside from the fact that you feel like you’ve left the States for a Swiss chalet, the restaurant stands out for being the highest in North America (at an elevation of a whopping 11,966 feet). To access the restaurant, patrons cannot simply walk or drive; they must take the scenic Telluride Gondola to the top of Gold Hill.

Alpino Vino is currently closed for the season and is by reservation only. For more information, visit Telluride Ski Resort’s website.

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