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12 Small Towns In Arkansas That Offer Nothing But Peace And Quiet

We just talked about small towns yesterday, didn’t we? Well, I’m here to confess that I’m a fan of Arkansas’s small towns. I grew up in one, I live in one, and I positively adore them. On today’s list, you’ll find some of the quietest little towns Arkansas has to offer—but peace and quiet aren’t their only exports. Each one of these towns is outstanding, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find peace, quiet, and something uniquely Arkansas in every single one.

To find some small towns where everyone knows your name, click here.

If you’re looking for the simple life, you want the towns on this list.

J.B. Weisenfels
J.B. Weisenfels has lived in rural Arkansas for three decades. She is a writer, a mom, and a graduate student. She is also an avid collector of tacky fish whatnots, slightly chipped teapots, and other old things. In her spare time she enjoys driving to the nearest creek to sit a while. If you were to visit her, she'd try to feed you cornbread.