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12 Incredible Hidden Gems To Discover In The Ozark National Forest

Spread out over 16 Arkansas counties, the Ozark National Forest is 1.2 million acres of pure wonder. Chances are, you’ve gathered that if you’ve lived in Arkansas very long…but which are the absolute must-visit spots in this wonderland? Well, we’ve compiled a list of a dozen places you absolutely have to explore in the Ozark National Forest, places you may not have heard of before.

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J.B. Weisenfels
J.B. Weisenfels has lived in rural Arkansas for three decades. She is a writer, a mom, and a graduate student. She is also an avid collector of tacky fish whatnots, slightly chipped teapots, and other old things. In her spare time she enjoys driving to the nearest creek to sit a while. If you were to visit her, she'd try to feed you cornbread.