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19 Reasons Why My Heart Will Always Be In Arkansas

Guys, this one is personal. I have lived my whole life in Arkansas, and though I’ve had the privilege of riding a gondola in Venice and staring at the Alps from the ruins of an actual castle, my heart never really left home. I’ve constructed a list of whys. I hope you find something of yourself in these reasons:

What about you? What in Arkansas has your heart?

J.B. Weisenfels
J.B. Weisenfels has lived in rural Arkansas for three decades. She is a writer, a mom, and a graduate student. She is also an avid collector of tacky fish whatnots, slightly chipped teapots, and other old things. In her spare time she enjoys driving to the nearest creek to sit a while. If you were to visit her, she'd try to feed you cornbread.