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There’s An Unexpectedly Amazing Trail Hiding In The Middle Of This Arkansas City

There’s more than one loop of the Arkansas River Trail, so you get to customize your experience. From the beginning of the trail at the Clinton Bridge in Little Rock, you can enjoy the loop that runs to the Two Rivers Park Bridge, which is over 15 miles and leads you through a good portion of Little Rock and North Little Rock. You can double your fun and take the 34 miles of trail that leads from Little Rock to Pinnacle Mountain. Or you can quadruple your adventure and go from Little Rock through the surrounding rural areas across three different counties. That loop would take you a distance of 88 miles. Let’s assume, however, that you don’t want to be on the Arkansas River Trail for days and days, and simply want to wind through Little Rock. That’s the portion of the trail we’ll be discussing today.

You can find directions and more information here.

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J.B. Weisenfels
J.B. Weisenfels has lived in rural Arkansas for three decades. She is a writer, a mom, and a graduate student. She is also an avid collector of tacky fish whatnots, slightly chipped teapots, and other old things. In her spare time she enjoys driving to the nearest creek to sit a while. If you were to visit her, she'd try to feed you cornbread.