10 Things That Make People From Small Town Arkansas The Best People

It’s different when you’re born in Little Rock and later move to the outskirts of Saline County…and have to take a bus to school into Grant County. There were relatives I had from town who engaged with me in stilted conversation on holidays and at gatherings because we had very little common ground other than blood in those days. (I was considered ‘country’ and the culture was different despite being only a 40 minute drive away from Little Rock. That’s how easy it is to get from big town to small town in Arkansas.) It’s also very easy to distinguish small town residents from city dwellers, too.  Small town Arkansas people can be amazingly cool for many reasons.

God bless towns of all sizes across the Natural State! The people from this great state are all wonderful, but there really is something unique about certain residents that charms people to their core. What is it about you that makes us love you so much, small town Arkansas? Sound off in the comments!