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Every True Arkansan Has Had These 15 Bizarre Experiences At Least Once

Let’s not say Arkansas is weird. Let’s just say it’s unique. To people from other states, however, Arkansas is extra unique. Here is a list of fifteen things that people from other states might not understand, but that have definitely happened to you if you’ve been an Arkansan for very long. These events may seem commonplace to us, but the rest of the country would be scratching their heads over most of them.

If you’re looking for a list of phrases you grew up hearing, read this article.

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J.B. Weisenfels
J.B. Weisenfels has lived in rural Arkansas for three decades. She is a writer, a mom, and a graduate student. She is also an avid collector of tacky fish whatnots, slightly chipped teapots, and other old things. In her spare time she enjoys driving to the nearest creek to sit a while. If you were to visit her, she'd try to feed you cornbread.