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A Family Discovered A Hidden Cave And Waterfall In The Grand Canyon And It’s Amazing

A rafting trip down the Colorado River is exciting on its own, but this family had an awesome extra adventure when they discovered a hidden cave in the Grand Canyon! After pulling over to explore this amazing spot, which is only accessible from the river, they found another surprise inside: the narrow slot canyon contained a beautiful waterfall tumbling down the rock walls.

Although they were not the first to find this secret spot – there is a small rope ladder to help climb up from the river – this feature is missed by most people who float through the Grand Canyon. It’s hard to catch a small opening in the rock wall when there are so many amazing sights towering above you!

This video, shared by KernalPanic on YouTube, is one of several excellent adventures – check out the channel to see more!

Meg Archer
Meg is a Visual Media Editor & Writer for OnlyInYourState. She works in social media management, content production, video editing, and creative concept development. Meg enjoys playing with her food (cooking), writing furiously (at inconvenient moments), and exploring (everything and everywhere).